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Recently I’ve started looking for jobs after graduation.  I had been scared to look because all my classmates seemed to be bummed since all of their “dream jobs” or really even jobs related to their degree required way more experience than they had or skills that they had not learned in school were necessary for the position.

As I started searching, I actually qualifies for the positions I was looking into!  Because of my time with SCOPE Productions and the CBJ I had a few years of professional experience and had worked with the software many jobs were requiring and I even had several work samples to show potential employers.  Maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought.

Even if school isn’t proving to be relevant at least I’ve had credible internships!


I am finally done with SCOPE concerts for the semester which gives me a lot more free time since I don’t have full days dedicated to producing a show and I don’t have to do marketing during the week either.  I got excited thinking about what I could do with this extra time I was going to have.  I could sleep in, catch up with friends, maybe actually read a book for enjoyment…. but, oh wait, I have three papers and a test this week.  Maybe once I graduate I can do those things….