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The past two weeks have been one medical problem after another for me.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I had roofies put in my drink at a bar.  For the next few days I did nothing but throw up and try to sleep.  As a result of this, I then developed a kidney infection causing me to be very feverish and have bad back and abdominal pain.  Needless to say, I did not leave my apartment during this time so I worked from home in my comfy pajama pants while drinking lots of tea.

Although most of the time I spend in my office is spent doing work on my computer, doing work on my computer while sitting on my couch is just not quite the same.  Working from home is difficult because there is so much to distract you and you don’t have to be as professional.  (I was free to answer my cell phone, have the tv on, take a nap, etc.)

After a few days of this I realized I needed a productivity plan to make this work so I wasn’t really behind at work.  I turned my dinning room into my make-shift office and made myself work in 2 hour shifts until I got all my work done.

I always thought a job where I could work from home would be great, but now know that it’s actually really hard!


A few weekends ago was our SCOPE Holiday party.  Every year we have an end of the year dinner for all 50 members as a thank you for all their hard work since most of them are volunteers.

The week of the dinner, the restaurant we were having the party at called to inform me that they had double booked and could no longer have us on that date.

Time to start calling every restaurant in Iowa City!  Finally I found a restaurant that could accommodate all of us and met with them to figure our a food order.

After all was said and done, the dinner turned out great and everyone was glad that it was at Takanami.  The experience taught me to always plan for the worst and have a back-up plan if things fall through.


Recently I’ve started looking for jobs after graduation.  I had been scared to look because all my classmates seemed to be bummed since all of their “dream jobs” or really even jobs related to their degree required way more experience than they had or skills that they had not learned in school were necessary for the position.

As I started searching, I actually qualifies for the positions I was looking into!  Because of my time with SCOPE Productions and the CBJ I had a few years of professional experience and had worked with the software many jobs were requiring and I even had several work samples to show potential employers.  Maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought.

Even if school isn’t proving to be relevant at least I’ve had credible internships!

I am finally done with SCOPE concerts for the semester which gives me a lot more free time since I don’t have full days dedicated to producing a show and I don’t have to do marketing during the week either.  I got excited thinking about what I could do with this extra time I was going to have.  I could sleep in, catch up with friends, maybe actually read a book for enjoyment…. but, oh wait, I have three papers and a test this week.  Maybe once I graduate I can do those things….

Yesterday morning when my alarm went off, I was really struggling to get out of bed and get going with my day.  I had been up very late the night before studying for a midterm so I was exhausted and work did not sound too appealing.  As I laid in my bed, I grabbed my computer and check my email.  The first email was from my boss and explained that the office did not have power so it was closed for the morning while they fixed it and I didn’t need to come in until noon.  What great news, I could get some more sleep!  I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness for these gale force winds!

Tonight SCOPE is producing Dierks Bentley in the Fieldhouse.  Since the building is not typically used for concerts, there is a lot of work to be done to make it a suitable concert venue.  Racquetball courts have been turned into dressing rooms, catering rooms, and offices.  Pipe and drape covers all of the walls and hallways.  And one of the hallways has turned into a massage parlor for the band.

The last two days have consisted of building a stage, rigging light trusses and setting up back line.  By the end of the day (estimated to leave around 5am) I will have spent 34 hours in 2 days at the Fieldhouse.

After all this time and work, I hope the plaid shirt and cowboy boot wearing crowd enjoys the concert!

At the Corridor Business Journal, every year a panel chooses forty people under the age of 40 in the area that are successful.  This week I helped to organize a luncheon for these honorees to get to know each other and to get pictures and information from them to publish in our paper. The event was held at the University Athletic Club.

For the event, I helped distribute the information on the tables for the honorees, checked people in, and took pictures for their profile stories.  It was interesting to meet the people I had been writing about for the past few weeks and put a face to a name.

Another event for these honorees, their families and community members will be held at the end of the month at Riverside Resort and Casino.